Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lion in a cage

This is an essay written by my nephew who is in class V. He is only abt 9 years old. But I am amazed at the thoughts he put in and the feeling/emotions that made the thought possible...I am not sure, whether to feel proud or scared...How can a child think so much and how can he feel this way and with all its intricate details invoking a great image in the process...he is just a child...

"I look out at the cage. i pretend that I am free. I see humans. They treat me like a loser and embarrass me. I wish I was king right now but I am not. I wish I had the strength to break the cage. I wish my anger would scare the humans ans set me free. I wish I am not bigh right now because I could go through the spaces if i were small. One day, I will break free and kill the humans who trapped me and show them no mercy." UPW 

 His english madam commented "full of emotion. excellent work" BUT that doesnt matter...the write-up speaks for itself...Incidentally I wrote a story abt an animal too when i was his age...but it was more funny than anything else


  1. Wow. You nephew just embarrassed me into thinking how little I actually think about things that matter. He put so much thought into it, I wish every adult did too.

  2. The wisdom is amazing in your Nephew. Kudos to him :)