Thursday, June 9, 2011

My Happiness

Good morning: Today in this fine morning, I would like talk on the topic of happiness as in the philosophy of our country, Gross National Happiness. Well, we all want to be happy. I would like nothing more than to be absolutely happy in my life. I would like to be able to do what I like, the way I like and when I like. I would like all the wealth in the world and all that health can give me. But I am not selfish. By virtue of all these blessings, I would like to be able to help everybody around me. That would be the most wonderful thing in the world for me, and that would definitely make me very happy.
But when I think about it, it is not only me who wants these things. I would think that my whole class, my whole school, all the people in my country, as indeed, all the people in all the country would like just these things. But the fact is I cannot have them all. Nor can anybody in this whole wide world can have them. There is a limit to anything and the world certainly has a limit for everything. There will be only so much that I can have because there is only so much to go around in this world.
That is why as a collective whole, we need policies that will give everybody the their fair share of chances to be happy. We must allow our country to regulate our lives so that we can be as happy as possible now, that nobody is left out, and so that this happiness can be safeguarded for the generations that will come after us. If we allow things as they are, then almost certainly our self-interest will overrule our good intentions, overexploit our resources, undermine the harmony and destroy our environment.
That is why our beloved fourth Druk Gyalpo developed this philosophy of happiness called the Gross National Happiness so that all of us could be happy. He said that our development should make us stronger by virtue of our culture, that our development must make our governance stronger, that our environment must always remain and that we should all be able to live in sufficiency.
These has been the basis of our happiness and these have so far enabled us to be very successful. It would be up to us in the future to build our country upon this ideals of our King and live happily ever after. If in your happiness, I can be happy, and in my happiness you could be happy, then ultimately all of us will be happy. 
Thank you for listening.
Have a good day.
This is written as a speech for my nephew...spur of the moment...

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