Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Money talk/s

Safe and sound
My Dollars sleep with me.
Great is your value
You keep the world moving
You make the poor happy
You bring joys upon the miserable
You are the Saviour
Let everybody worship you
Let them own you by all mean
Let them know your value
For without you

The worldly existence has no meaning
For if you were to go
For if I were to show you disrespect now
And squander you like I shouldn't
I would have to look far and wide later
Look in the depths of despair
Search in every possible nook
I must own you by all means
By hook or crook
But if I know your true self
I will stay happy and sundry
I would not need more of you
Just enough to make the world go round
Just enough to keep my beloveds safe and sound
Hail the Dollar

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