Friday, December 24, 2010

Folklore of Bhutan: Origin, Forms and Thematic Significance

This paper tries to identify the origin, types and some recurrent themes in the Bhutanese folklores. It posits Bhutanese folklore as an important national identity with an innate value system that nourishes the very soul of this tiny Kingdom amidst giant neigbours at a time when everything we have achieved so far could yet be lost. For being a vehicle of transmission of time honoured national ideals and standards, the paper proposes the preservation and promotion of Bhutanese folklore for all times to come by bringing out its thematic significance and the artistic treatment that it has received in each of the folk genre which in itself is of much value.

Folk traditions: Sometimes we must let them die

I initially imagined this as a one-line preface to a paper that I have written on the folklores of Bhutan. Then some reflections struck me that could make this piece an essay by itself. It is about some elements in our society that we conveniently cling to as parts of our tradition, but are actually excuses for our debased ways. As it is, not all that are old are gold.

Evolution dictated that we lived our lives by certain principles and standards. Over time, these became a way of life for us.