Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Motivation in the Age of the Old Guards

The Stick Theory
There is an ill-considered tendency among our generation (brought up on the modern idea of motivators) to blame the old guards of our traditions for being wholly unheeding to our circumstances and needs. While we espouse conciliation and coexistence of views, we are ourselves quite blind to their worldview. This naturally gives rise to the conviction that when our times come, we will be just as stubborn, self-righteous and become culpable of perpetuating the same disregard of the other.

Songs of the Sixth Dalai Lama

The sixth Dalai Lama Losang Rigdzin Tsangyang Gyatsho (1683-1706), whose name means “The ocean of melodious songs” was a special Dalai Lama.
Born in a renowned Nyingma family and brought up at a late age in the Gelugpa tradition, Tsangyang Gyatsho proved to be an uncomfortable blend of the two traditions. But leaving aside the unfortunate politics that surrouynded his desolate life, Tsangyang Gyatsho brought to holy Lhasa and Shol taverns some of the purest and most beautiful lyrics of all times.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

of Creative writings and More...

Unkept promise is almost always the reason for cynicisms, doubts and discontentment in young people. This became quite clear to us when we posted our invitation calling for articles to be published in the first edition of the Literary Society’s magazine Sherubtse Spectrum. Very few, if any, articles were handed over in the first week. And those who did were the freshers who were still new to Sherubtse’s ways.

just my luck!

Literature is a thing of the mind. Hence, it may just be a luxury that we cannot afford.
I will not blame people if they thought that way because I had similar thoughts myself. My first feelings when I got selected for the English Honours degree course in Sherubtse was…well, I cannot put them in words. Suffice it to say that my first choice was B.Com. Honours and not what was apparently an abstract literature study.